Rectangular louvrepanels

Louvrepanels give your home a
premium appearance. An optimal
combination of aesthetics and functionality

  • Perfect sun protection
  • Filtered light
  • Good blackout
  • Optimal privacy

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Raked louvrepanels

Raked louvrepanels with one or two sides are our speciality and are custom-made to the smallest detail.

  • Filtered light
  • Good blackout
  • Perfect sun protection
  • Optimal privacy

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we carefully customise all our Livium louvre systems. Livium louvre panels are often used in new construction situations. In this case, we determine together with the architect and the contractor exactly how the louvre panel should be designed. After on-site measurement, we produce the louvre panels in our own factory. Our fitters then install them. For existing situations, we always take measurements on site to make sure the result is perfect.

We make Livium louvre panels with louvers that rotate up to 180 degrees and Livium louvre panels with fixed louvers. With fixed louvers, the angle of inclination and the distance between the louvers are freely selectable.

The turnable louvre systems can be motorised or manually operated. The motorised louvers are easy to operate via the supplied handheld transmitter. They can also be incorporated into your home automation system by your installer. We work exclusively with Somfy motors.

Livium louvre panels are specifically designed for private residential construction. This makes Livium louvre panels much more attractive than commercial systems in terms of design and execution. We use closed drive cassettes, which means that rotating and moving parts are not visible. The motor is also invisibly concealed in the frame or cassette. The biggest difference with other louvre systems, however, is that Livium louvers can actually rotate 180 degrees, making them perfect as sun blinds and letting in plenty of daylight when fully open.

We supply Livium louvre panels in many different versions. Furthermore, all Livium louvre panels can be used both vertically and horizontally, and the louvers themselves can also be mounted horizontally or vertically. The types of profiles vary from elliptical to rectangular in various widths and thicknesses.

Livium louvre panels are mainly used as window blinds, blackout blinds for upstairs rooms and as privacy panels in the garden or under verandas. They are also used indoors to create privacy at workstations or as an attractive, lockable partition between different rooms.

No, our Livium louvre systems are not 100% blackout. Livium louvers are pivoting, so there will always be a small gap around the panel through which daylight can enter. However, they darken sufficiently to eliminate the need for curtains. You are welcome to visit our showroom to experience the darkening effect of the Livium Louvre systems for yourself.

Livium louvre panels are made of high-quality, thick-walled extruded aluminium. The entire drive system is composed of high-quality plastic bearings and stainless steel drives. All mounting hardware is stainless steel.

Our Livium louvre panels are available in several finishes: anodised in six shades and powder coated (enamelled) in every conceivable RAL colour. Powder-coated louvre panels come in different gloss levels and a fine-textured paint. It is also possible to order your own colour or to have the louvre panels with a wood sublimation.

Unfortunately, the louvers cannot be made of wood. Wood works too much and is affected by weather influences, so the correct functioning of the louvre panels cannot be guaranteed. However, we can finish the aluminium louvers with an attractive 3D wood grain sublimation. This allows us to imitate many types of wood and the effect is lifelike. An additional advantage is that the wood colour is 100% solid and therefore does not age, turn black or suffer from green stains.

We always make sure that, when the louvres are open, enough space is left between the window and the louvres to allow the window cleaner to get between them. Many window cleaners also use demineralised water, so the water does not leave streaks on the glass. Also bear in mind that louvres make the glass much less likely to get dirty and therefore require less frequent washing.