Opening roofs


Opening roofs

Play with the sunlight. The 180◦
opening roof allows you to adjust the
sunlight exactly the way you want.

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Closed = waterproof
  • Rain sensor optional
  • Optimal ventilation

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Retract opening roofs

Enjoy daylight to the fullest. On darker
days you can effortlessly slide the roof to
one or two sides.

  • No loss of light
  • Closed = waterproof
  • Perfect sun protection
  • Optimal ventilation

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Our assemblers fully customise each opening roof on site. That is the only way to make sure they fit perfectly - and completely watertight - to the building structure. We are the only company in the market to supply and install Livium opening roofs that are fully suitable for fitting into all types of structures. Wood, steel, concrete, stone: it is all possible. In addition, you can choose between Livium opening roofs with a Livium gutter or with a gutter provided by the building contractor.

Livium introduced the opening roofs in the Netherlands in 2006 and our design is still unrivalled in terms of appearance, quality and functionality. We manufacture and assemble Livium opening roofs mainly as built-in elements and we do this fully custom-made in our factory in Hengelo and at the building site. Livium opening roofs are unique in their attention to detail.

Livium opening roofs are exclusively available at Livium. We produce our Livium opening roofs ourselves, sell directly to consumers under our own management and do the work preparation together with you, the architect and/or contractor. Our advisors are at your service and will be happy to make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your wishes and possibilities.

Indeed, in the closed position, the louvers connect completely watertight. And because the louvres are installed slightly at an angle in the recess, the water also drains quickly. The underlying gutter construction catches the water and the invisibly concealed rainwater drain regulates the drainage. Livium louvre roofs are unique because of their wide gutters, which make splashing water almost non-existent. However, it is important that your roof drainage system functions properly so that even in heavy rain showers the water can drain away quickly enough and the gutter does not overflow.

Livium louvre roofs are the only opening roofs whose louvers can actually rotate 180 degrees. The louvers are driven from the shaft and the drive system is concealed in the drive cassettes.

With the louvers fully open, daylight loss is minimal. The light yield is much better than, for example, with a fixed roof or a skylight. In addition, it is very easy to control the incidence of light as the louvers can be steplessly tilted. On hot days, Livium louvers are an ideal way to block out the sun while retaining as much daylight as possible inside the house.

Livium opening roofs are designed for all-weather use and can also be used in winter. Our opening roofs are the only ones on the market that comply with the snow load regulations in force in the construction industry. So you do not have to worry that the closed louvers will fail when covered with a thick layer of snow. In case of frost, however, it is important to check that the bearings have not frozen before using the louvre roof.

Livium opening roofs are made of high-quality, thick-walled extruded aluminium. The entire drive system is composed of high-quality plastic bearings and stainless steel drives. All mounting devices are also made of stainless steel.

Our Livium opening roofs are available in several types: anodised in six shades and powder coated (enamelled) in every conceivable RAL colour. Powder-coated opening roofs come in different gloss levels and a fine-textured paint. It is also possible to order your own colour or to have the louvre roof sublimated in wood.