Sliding shutters

Ultimate filtering of sunlight

From the first rays of the sun to the late evening sun... Livium's sliding shutterpanels allow you to effortlessly catch every ray of sunlight. Let them move vertically along with the position of the sun and then turn the louvers in any direction you wish.

Sliding shutterpanels are often used in front of a glass front or under a canopy or veranda. There, they can be slid over a long distance if required. We make the frames from thick-walled aluminium profiles, allowing us to create shutter panels with large dimensions. The louvers can be locked in five positions and close softly together.
Do you want the exterior shutters to be in a matt or shiny finish, or exactly in one color? (Almost) anything is possible. Our tip: Livium louvers with a 3D sublimation woodgrain motif. These are magnificent.

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Frequently asked questions

Livium shutters are unique in the market in terms of quality, functionality and finish. We make all our shutter panels to measure and only from the best materials. Especially in outdoor applications, this is extremely important. After all, you want them to function well for many years.

Livium shutterpanels are used as sliding shutters that can be mounted in front of a glass front. They block out the sun, provide extra privacy and are a beautiful design element. In addition, Livium shutter panels are also used to close off a veranda, especially to block the wind so that you can sit outside for a longer time.

Livium shutterpanels can withstand normal heavy weather conditions. The shutters can be locked in five positions and the slats are fitted with soft mohair strips. These strips ensure a soft fit and do not cause noise in high winds, even when closed. In very heavy storms, we recommend opening the louvers to allow the wind to blow through.

Livium shutterpanels are made of high-quality, thick-walled extruded aluminium. The sliding door hardware is made of aluminium and the hanging rollers and guides of stainless steel quality. Furthermore, all mounting hardware is stainless steel.

Livium shutters cannot be finished in wood. However, you can choose to have the aluminium louvers finished with a beautiful wood grain 3D sublimation. We can imitate many types of wood and the effect is true to life. An additional advantage is that the wood colour is 100% solid and does not age, turn black or suffer from green stains.

Our Livium shutter panels are available in several finishes: anodised in six shades and powder coated (enamelled) in every conceivable RAL colour. Powder-coated shutter panels come in different gloss levels and a fine-textured paint. In addition, it is also possible to make your own colour to order or to provide the panels with a wood sublimation.

Sliding shutter panels are up to about 3000 mm high x 2750 mm (with centre post) wide. The frame consists of 100x50 aluminium box sections. Larger panels require horizontal or vertical intermediate posts. In this case, a height of 6000 mm is also possible. Contact one of our advisers to identify your requirements and the possibilities.

Sliding shutterpanels are easy to assemble as long as the top and bottom guides are exactly level. We tailor the shutters exactly to the working width of the slats. Fixed shutterpanels are easy to assemble as long as the two fixing sides are parallel to each other.